Ironstone Asset Management

19821 Meyers Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045
Phone: 971-206-1386

Ironstone Asset Management is a leader in asset management.

Welcome To Ironstone Asset Management

Ironstone Asset Management is a privately held company specializing in the purchase of non-performing debt secured by real estate. We partner with investors to purchase these assets and deliver to them consistent high returns. All of our investments are secured by the underlying properties, and we purchase them at well below market value. We are able to get these discounts due to our relationships with banks, hedge funds, and other investors.

Our investment model allows us to make great returns while helping homeowners save their homes. When we are unable to help families stay in their homes, we help them to move on in the most dignified way possible. If you are interested in making higher passive returns while helping homeowners and communities please find more information here on our site, or contact us.


Our business begins and ends with our investors. We are in the business of creating value for you.


Our processes are effective, efficient and focused on implementing the best investment decisions.


Staying true to our philosophy and process, we focus on performance that meets your expectations.